Q:What type of this battery?

A:It is li ion battery,Chemical is Li(NiCoMn)O2

Q:What is the difference between li ion battery NI-MH battery

A:Li ion battery have longer cycle life,normal cyclelife is 600-800times.And also have light weight,small size.

Q:Does your battery dangerous to use?

A:First we use high quality and brand cell second all of our batteryhave BMS to protect the battery over charge,over charge,overdischarge,short current,so it is very safe to use

Q:Do your battery come with warranty?

A:Yes.we provide l year warranty for all e-bike battery.

Q:Do your battery come with charger?

A:All of our batteries can come with charger.We have normal chargeand fast charger If you need faster charger please contact with us.

Q:What’s your delivery time?

A:5-15days after confirmed order,it depend on which battery you needand the quantity you need.


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